Miss me too, Bangalore

While this may sound little ridiculous & surprising, why will a city miss a human soul? Come on, Bangalore will miss me for sure!!

They say, a city is not just a place you live and exist, it can be an emotion. Awwww my God, Bangalore is truly and will be my favourite emotion!


I am moving out of Bangalore to a new city, to start my new venture. Well, I would like to admit, I am moving to a paradise on Earth. That being very angelic to the imagination and thoughts, I still am going to miss Namma Bengaluru, Nanna Bengaluru immensely and terribly.

Bangalore is not a touristy landscapes-hills-gardens place (although, famously known as the Garden city of India). But this is a place to hustle, even if you are a lazy and a natural sloth, Bangalore will teach you to hustle.

Being a true Bangalore girl, I have loved this fact and I have been acquainted well with the city’s nature of loving its people and molding them to what they are today, without even them noticing it.

I have a full time job of 10 AM- 6:30 PM, Saturday I work half a day, but man, I still tried to explore the city as much as I can! Call me a local wanderer, may be?


Let’s ask this- Why did I never crib about my corporate life? Before I elaborate, let me tell you, I am a Zingy! Because I was always happy looking forward to my weekends, this city would offer me so much, that I used to be out of my schedule to plan and attend events.

I loved and enjoyed every bit of my interests playing around in this city. Below mentioned are the list of things I used to do while I was in Bangalore.

  • Are you a true party animal?

    Bangalore is for you, the pub city of India. Need I say more? All you folks ‘not living in Bangalore’, you would have read/ heard about the happening night life of Bangalore. And it is every word pronounced truly! It is worth experiencing.

    To those living in Bangalore, if you have not tried partying, please try once. Please? Even if you are an introvert or a non-party person, I still urge you (I am not crazy, okay?). What’s life that has not lived and just wasted doing nothing?


        Just don’t exist, live alive!

For Hollywood music partyBollywood music party, few other good party places- Warehouse , Indigo Live- Music Bar.

  • Art life – 

    I have never really ventured out of my city on this field, but all I know is Bangalore throws surplus of events just for the lovely art loving crowd! I have a special mention to this, I started following up with handcraft workshops, pottery workshop sessions, theatre workshops, baking classes, dance workshops, gigs, live-performances, film-screenings, art exhibitions, photo-walks, food-street walks, travel story communities, book reading sessions, book release events and a lot lot more.

I think Bangalore naturally made me fall in love with multiple forms of art and I encourage everyone to explore the same while you are here.

Special mentions:

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath – A home for several beautiful events, a vibrant environment comprising network of museums, exhibitions and galleries.

National Gallery of Modern Arts – NGMA is Bangalore’s absolute charm! I have even heard this is by far India’s best NGMA. This is my personal recommendation – You must visit NGMA to witness Raja Ravi Verma’s, Rabindranath Tagore’s magical painting.


Even if you are not an artist, you will still be awed and transformed to a journey where you little by little try to decode those strokes and brushes you see on the canvas. In this blissful milieu, you can even spend a solitary time. I did the latter!

Shoonya – A platform for art and somatic practices. An artist’s intellectual space, that’s what I call this place! They offer dance classes, theatre workshops, exhibitions, film screenings.

Lahe Lahe – An enriching social space. They offer plethora of happy events! Check their crazy and happy events here. Their ideology  states –

Lahe Lahe will be a repository for expression to support and nurture it in its many facets.


  • Food Love –


    Bangalore is food heaven. Food heaven has another name, that is Bangalore!

    I spent most of my study hours and college days in Zomato, and I still do. 😛 From  a pakka South Indian Ragi Mudde- Akki Roti- Jolada Roti (my mouth is watering already), Masala Dosa, Idly-Vada to Parsi food, Asian food, Thai food, Chinese food (on every street :P), Italian, Sea-food, some lovely spread of English breakfasts, sinful desserts – anything you ask for, there will be a restaurant/ cafe in Bangalore to offer you the same. Listing out my favourites here-

    • Benne Masala Dose anyone? – CTR
    • Coffee aromantic in your mind, in your soul, in the air? Their hummus is to die for. – Third Wave Coffee Roasters  my8
    • Waffless, my louuuuuuuuuuu for you is impossible to explain. You make my heart feel like Love! – Hole Lotta Love
    • My taste buds are speaking mushrooms, baked beans, eggs, butter, cheese, jam, bread and latte. Want to feel all English? – The Hole in the Wall
    • Hum hai Hindustani & I want Biriyani! – Meghana Foods
    • Snacks and some ginger tea kinda day? Best Samosas in the whole wide world! Aloo Samosa, I want NOW. :/Samosa Singh


  • Sports –

    Play arena. This is one of my favourite arenas in Bangalore, with multiple sports to play. Little expensive, but in a full-fledged metropolitan city like Bangalore, where there is no place to move around for a relaxing walk, a place like play arena is a wow factor. You can spend quality time with friends/ family and indulge in various activities like Wall Climbing, Bowling, Virtual Golf, Air Hockey, Gokart, Zipline, Archery, Lasertag etc. Everything under one roof. Your weekend is sorted to the best!


These are the things I enjoyed doing in Bangalore as an explorer. It has made me a nomadic within the city.

I never felt like this before, I never thought I would write this ever. Well, you know how it feels like to break-up with someone when you still love them?

I feel that now. Breaking  up with my city. Hope I will get back to you soon, honey! Miss me too, Bangalore.

The opinions/ places mentioned in this article are my personal opinion. The information given above is purely based on my interests and experiences.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. SuZan says:

    Beautiful. This city and this friend will really miss you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ZingyWay says:

      Awwww, my soul sister.😘 I will miss you dearly. I am sure we will meet often, we will make it possible!💙


  2. Yukthi says:

    Huh?!! Dont go 😦 . Anyways a awesome post, Bangalore😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ZingyWay says:

      Haha. Thanks honey!! We will keep meeting, don’t worry.😝😍


  3. Yugandhar says:

    I think you explorer everything in this city… Hope you have same experience wherever you go!!!! Always you should be like this don’t change !!! All the Best for your future ….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ZingyWay says:

      How sweet! Thank you so much, Yuga. Means a lot.


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